Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ahhh 2012 - cliche, but can you believe it? I hope with all the busy holiday preparations, decorating and family gatherings you were able to take a few moments to ponder the reason we celebrate and reflect on your blessings. For me, I've been blessed to enjoy more time at home with my family and that we're all healthy and happy. Kids grow up so fast, its a beautiful thing to enjoy them at every stage. I watch my oldest son, who is 3, and wonder when he became so smart, so big and so independent - yet he's still my cuddly little boy. I watch my younger son, who is 1, and wonder the same thing...well, that and just how much CAN he eat? Will he ever be full? My husband and I of course have our own resolutions, I should call them committments and perhaps they'd stick better, but baby steps, right?

Professionally, I'm looking foward to capturing beautiful moments for many lovely families this year. I also have some great specials up my sleeve - so check back often!

So anyway, I hope that 2012 finds all of us with a positive attitude for whats to come as we count our blessings for all that we have been given in 2011.


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